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A Stock Check

So, I should have gone into work today to get some work done, but I decided Amy deserved the car. So she can have it, I’ll stay home and do movie night. Rumor has it tonights movies will be Spiderman and The Signs, probably not in that order. Should be fun.

Checked on my stocks today after watching them resurface to normal levels. Not quite the gains I was looking for this time around, but good enough for me. My current porfolio looks something like this on an average day, when compared against the others:
Nikki is the only other person actively participating, which is kind of sad. We need more people! Register at http://www.stocksquest.org. Ask Nikki how to join our group. Then buy and trade some stocks (or buy Microsoft(MSFT) like Sim and see if it makes you a profit).

For those of you who are wondering how my porfolio got to where it did *which is probably non of you so you can just stop reading this entry now…* Here is my buying and trading… Sorry about my slight tendency to be a day trader of sorts…

Oh well, gotta get ready for movie night!

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