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A Mega Time

Let’s see. I spent the afternoon cleaning house and getting ready for the fateful Friday night movie night. Beth, Patrick, Mel, Jeremiah, Julie, and John all joined up tonight for tonights semi-showing of Monster’s Inc and Spiderman. Some people found my wall for the first time so they drew on that, while other’s talked or played pool. So no one exactly ‘watched’ the entire movie(s). Except maybe me and John… but even then…

The two of us pulled out the Nintendo when Spiderman started and went on a mission to beat Mega Man V. We started at the beginning of Spiderman, which would have been around 9:00pmish. Most of the people left by like 11:00pm so it was just me an John to finish the movie out and play some Mega Man. Mega Man didn’t stop until 2:00am when John finally put that old Dr. Wily in his place. What a game I tell you… What a game.

Not sure what I am going to do today. Maybe get more work done. Maybe fill out some paper work my parents have been nagging me about. Maybe sleep. Who knows… Hopefully have a little fun!

One last shout out goes to Steve! Way to go getting some play time at tonight’s varsity game! From what John told me, I think you should have taken the shot, but then again… a pass was the better idea… But think.. you could have juked him and had two points! Either way, Way to go!

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