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An already Good morning!

I woke up this morning about an hour and a half before I needed to leave for church. This was mainly due to a reoccuring dream that seemed to pull me out of sleep… It’s kind weird but I’ll try to explain it more and more as I learn more and more in it…

I start off in this P.O.W. camp for American’s caught by the German Nazi’s. The setting is a little off, because we are all in transulcent tents. It’s as if we are all caged in, but we can all see what’s going on around us. The really off setting thing is that there are softball fields to my left as well as a parking lot and a pathway to the parking lot. It almost feels like Woodbury Days, but with a darker atmosphere…

I for some reason leave my tent and walk around… I don’t really feel frightened, or anything at all when a friend I have comes up to me and says we need to leave… Now I should probably mention something here… This is where the first time I had the dream started… I have had this dream now twice, the second time had more detail.

I guess this is where I start to get scared… We hop into this jeep like vehicle, almost more golf cart like, and drive in the opposite direction of the parking lot, loop around the tents, and then start heading back. On our way back I see another open car approach with a man in it coming to execute a prisoner. He shoots the prisoner through the tent and kills him. I remember thinking something like, public executions are just wrong. The guy then continues to kill everyone else in the tent, at which point I realize I am still in the Jeep moving away. I guess the guy had the potential of killing us because we were running.

On our way out, a woman tried to stop us from leaving… Something about women can’t leave without wearing their bonnet. I know that sounds funny, but its like the most important thing I remember from both dreams. Both times we left with someone telling my friend to put her bonnet on. I don’t get it… Either way, in the first dream, the lady gave my friend the bonnet to wear, the second time around, we drove past her and my friend refused to put one on.

My friend ends up stopping the Jeep in next to my car so we can switch cars in leave. Something crouses my mind about why are we switching cars when we could just take the Jeep, but I don’t seem to have control over my thoughts in the dream, so that fails to get mentioned. For some reason my friend open’s the hatch of my truck and throws something in… Again I don’t remember what. Just as she closes the hatch, another adult friend of both of ours comes up and warns us that she just saw someone killed and that we need to run. We agree and then she mentions the bonnet thing again. We hop in the car and I wake up. Weird huh?

So after realizing that there is no point in going back to bed when I need to be up shortly anyways, I get out of bed and decide I should go get something to drink. I run upstairs and makemyself some kool-aid. I then just sit there thinking for awhile, while drinking. 15 minutes pass, 1.5 liters of koolaid has been ingested, I’m not feeling to hot, and I still need to get ready. So that’s what I do, I get ready while trying to recover from kool-aid poisoning.

Now I suppose I could mention church here. There was only one really weird thing that happened during church and that was kind of a see it before it happens thing. I looked at this woman in the choir, someone I had never seen before, and was like… I wonder if she’ll ever get a solo thinking that the other ladies always got them and that she was new. Well about 30 seconds later, she started belting something, just by herself, in the choir… It was very weird and caught me off guard, but kind of cool… I don’t think it was an ability or something I suddenly now have to see things in the future… More just a fluke that I was probably picking up on… like from a microphone being passed or something. Who knows…

I ditched out of Sunday school to have donuts with Amber. We had a good time talking about life, our weekends, etc. Not to mention, the donuts and orange juice are good as well. For some reason, I haven’t done much with Amber and Nikki this weekend. I guess time just hasn’t fallen through. But this kinda made up for it, which is good. It was then back to church where I saudered some DDR pads back together to hopefully make them work again. They kinda do, but not to well. I think they need some ducktape to hold the wire in place so it doesn’t get pulled out again… Maybe when I go back tonight for High Praise I will do that.

Well let’s recap. I have had more sugar in the last 6 hours than I think I’ve had all week. I’m feeling really good about this. I had a great morning *because its almost afternoon now* and the rest of the day is looking to be fun as well. I’ve had Secret of Mana on my mind lately so I am thinking I might go start a series up on that and see how far I get before I am completely tired of playing video games. Shout out to Everyone!

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