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Ok, time to work…

I don’t know what it is about me and updating today. I just kinda felt like typing, again… Still having a great day. Amy and I watched spiderman while I played Secret of Mana. I remember why that game has the ability to get old fast…. Just not enough strategy… On that same note: it has the feel of the hash and slash Gauntlets that we all know and love. Either way, I think I am going to start a game long so that I actually finish these games and have something to show for it.

Secret of Mana: Day 1
Estimated Percent Complete: 4%.
Ran around re-learning the basics. Got the first power orb and beat the first two major bosses. Also picked up two ladies that will be helping me on my journey. One ditched me for some soldier, but I have a feeling she will be back. Right now, me and the Gnome are on our way to some underground palace to get some more of that mana seed stuff… The Gnome thinks she will be getting some mana action, but what she doesn’t know is I am going to seal the seed… Either way. That’s where I am heading now, wish me luck with whatever monsters are trying to break into this palace.

See, isn’t that kind of cool. It kind of gives you a basic walkthrough of what I am doing from the ingame characters perspective. Now the question is will I take time out of my day to play the game. Who knows… Right now, I need to get some stuff done for Derek and Kapler. Both projects should be fun, once I get going on them.

Oreo’s are good… Anyone totallying the amount of sugar mentioned in my most recent posts?