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Church, Derek, and Myself

So at last we spoke, I was working. After about doing that for an hour and not getting near enough done, I got ready to head for High Praise. There people shared their life stories and such and we sang, all and all a good experience as always. It got me thinking that if I had to tell a story about the stepping stones God has provided for me in my life where I would put mine… I think I would end up gluing them to a few girl’s tummys. I’ll get more into that later.. However, I don’t thing I want to share my entire testimony… Wonder why…

After High Praise, Amber and I went to fix a DDR pad while waiting for others. Half the pad works, which is good, but not good enough. We then found koolaid and started taking shots of the powder. Gotta love a koolaid high… Let’s see… thats how much sugar today? We hung out and talked about an hour, which again was cool, it’s almost as if it was a completely seperate day from this morning.

Amber and Jon soon left and I found myself with Derek hashing out some last minute coding for the website that is now less than 24 hours away from launching. I should probably mention that there was some youth group staying at our church tonight and we had a little fun with them. It’s kind of interesting to walk out into the church halls at midnight and find people playing hide and go seek :-). Derek and I had one of those meaningful talks about a whole bunch of various topics from God, to events, to outreach, to music, to football, to relationships, to sex, to the Gospel of St. Thomas *which I really really need to read now*, to about a dozen other odd-ball topics. The website looks pretty nice, which is good to know, and I can now work on it from home which is good as well.

I drove Derek home and we talked some more. Soon we have to do lunch because well… there’s a lot of things in my mind and Derek is finding some of them to be interesting. Maybe I should just give him my website address. Either way, it’s always good to have a wall to bounce ideas off of or to try new stuff on.

One of the things we touched on was how I got to be where I am now in my walk with Christ. I know this sounds stupid, but really, I found my way back because I was chasing girls. I think God has this thing about using crushes to bring us closer to God. It seems to be true, at least in my case. I would go more on this, but my brain is saying you’ve been up 19 hours, go to bed. I have to wake up for an ortho appointment I better not miss. Then its off to work I go. YEAH! Oh yeah, one more thing… Gotta remember to call some people tomorrow.

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