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Secret of Mana: Day 3
Estimated Completation: 7%
The second mana seed has been captured as well as the gnomes magical abilities. My girls and I seem to be getting stronger. The sprite seems to think she is all that, so one of these days I may have to get the tall blonde one to beat her down while I sit back and watch. Ah yes, the thrills of fighting with ladies at my side. I’m a little irked that none of these magic people are giving me any magic, but hey, I’m the chosen one to save the world and find all 8 mana seeds… what more could I ask for *grumble grumble*. The sprite beckons to take her north now so I must depart…

RPGing is so much… Ok, now let’s see anything else to post? Nope… Got work in the morning so I better go, do some reading, then off to bed.

Slight note for those of you who are curious about these things but don’t want to have to check without me telling you: a new story has been posted, The Whisper. Be sure to check it out.

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