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C Class Rubber Bands

So let’s start this post with my Secret of Mana Entry for the day… Mainly because it’s fresh on my mind.

Secret of Mana: Day 5
Estimated Percent Complete: 8%
It’s been a rather long day here in the lands of Mana. We found our way to the upperworld and ran into these creatures known as moogles. We helped them get their land back from this giant fire like bird… Hey look the bird is in the logo and so are the moogles.. Go figure. After that, they helped us get the secret to finding our way to the lost village of something or another… We found the location of the third mana seed, sealed it from the empire. My allies also picked up some new magical powers having to do with the power of wind. We seem to be making good progress so far, and our levels of fighting have skyrocketted. After sealing the seed, we were off to another village filled with a mushroom like species. The king told us that we were part of some prophecy and that we would ride some white dragon. Well, shortly there after we found a baby version of the said dragon… I can only imagine that when this thing grows up it will be huge and that it will be one to help us on our quest. Speaking of help, we could sure use some. We were lost in the desert after a trip from the cannon travel center. A ship of slaverholders picked us up and put us to work. Rumor has it one of my allie’s is eating all the food… Go figure. Well, I will be looking for a way out of here shortly, I hear the guards can be bribed…

So yeah, played a good amount of SOM today. Mainly because I picked up a lot of free time from some good time management. Let’s start with the list… Woke up, went to program as previously mentioned in the post from yesterday. That went fine and actually through together an OK site design in less than 5 hours. Called up John and we left an hour early. We got our books in less than 30 minutes plus drive time. Let me just say this now: Physics has way to many books, Calc is calc, and Computer Science again looks cool. We’ll see how it all goes down on Tuesday.

After that, John and I went to Culliver’s for lunch. Good burger’s I say. We had this brilliant insite on where the best fast food places were to eat, and so, in honor of that discussion, the list…
Top 10 Fast Food Places In General (According to Justin)




Dairy Queen

Taco Bell

Burger King





Top 4 Fast Food Places For Breakfast

Perkins *bah, so it’s not fast food*

Baker Square *bah, same thing*

Burger King

McDonald’s *although I will always refuse to eat there*

After our insite on food, I dropped him off and came home. I thought about calling people or going out and finding people to do stuff with, but I figured… Well… I could just start working on something that is next to impossible to do. So what did I decide to do? Start revamping the SMRC. Crazy I tell ya. So the first thing I did was prepare.

I took out a white sheet of paper, that if my scanner was plugged in right now I would have scanned. On that sheet of paper there is a flow diagram of all the databases I think I will need for the revamped SMRC and how they all interlink. It’s pretty complex, but pretty invovative. I then set out to go and find the equipment I would need to start getting the multimedia I would need for this crazy project.

Well, it just so happens, that the one thing I would need most, my emulator, was missing. I have a cd of archives from my old computer that had the zip file containing my emulator but it turned out to be scratched and corrupted data. Luckily, an old broken zip drive I pulled out contained no only the data… but it worked! Such a rare thing for this zip drive I tell ya! Either way, it’s cool, I got it, and I guess you could say… I’ve started revamping the SMRC :-).

Shout out to all my friends! I’m out for the night!

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