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History Repeats?

It’s friday and I missed my post, oh well… Let’s start with mana…

Secret of Mana: Day 6
Estimated Percent Complete: 11%
Well… we escaped the desert pirates. We escaped the empire. But now it appears that the Fire seed has been stolen. Of course we didn’t find this out until after running through the hot temple for way longer than we should have. We then traveled to some reported hot spot in the ice mountains. There we found our missing seed as well as a firey friend to help us on our way. Now were on our way back to return it. This journey is sure turning out to be a weird one. Hey the sprite ate all our food again.. oh well… New armor for everyone as well.

Didn’t do movie night. Spent the morning at Dorothy Ann Bakery. Then hung with Maria and Rich at dinner at Noodles and Company. Good place to eat, we should go there more often. Went to Best Buy but didn’t get anything. Went to Funcoland/Gamestop, got 5 new games. This is what I do… Eh. Speaking of games, the SMRC is slowing being rebuilt for launch. At the current rate I’m going, it will be done about the end of February. Eh…

Maria brought up Valentines day… Eh.

Then we watched comedy central way to long. Eh.

Tired am I. Sleep I go.

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