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Of course they don’t serve breakfast in hell. They only serve it 24 hours a day at Perkins which is located convententially near any possible location, except hell, you could possibly want to eat breakfast. So breakfast was the last thing I did today, and of course it was a Perkins. Nikki, Amber, Jon, and myself all found ourselves there after a party Nikki voted to crash.

The party crashing was fun, actually, it didn’t feel like we crashed anything as much as we supported it. Lots of fun. Derek get’s home from Flordia tonight. That’s cool.

Everyone’s been having weird dreams lately, so I figure I’m going to sing about them now… Go BNL

A life just begun
my sleeping new son
his eyes that role back in his head
they flutter and dart
he slows down his heart
and picturesr a world past his bed

its hard to believe
as i watch you breathe
your mind drifts and weaves

when you dream
what do you dream about?
when you dream
what do you dream about?

Do you dream about music or mathematics
or planets to far for the eye
do you dream about jesus or quantum mechanics
or angels who sing lullabyes

… Ignoreing Mememories…

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