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Trivia Rocks

Ok, so today was day two and I feel like a slightly longer post, so here goes…

Woke up, went to physics, didn’t learn a thing. The first day of class was spent on conversations and that stuff I already know like 2.54cm to the inch and 1kg = 2.2lbs on earth. So basically, it was an extra hour of sleep. I have physics discussion tomorrow at the same time, hopefully that goes ok.

I then took the wonderful Tunnel system at the U *the above ground stuff is to cold right now* to make my way to Folwell. There I engaged in some good old Calculas. I’m finding that I am a little out of practice after not having it for just over a year. Hopefully, it will come back quickly… I plan on doing some while watching BMW. I also hope to get a little SOM time in…

After wandering campus and just kind of looking around for a few hours, I went to my last class of the day – CSCI. It looks to be an amazingly fun year yet again. Rob and Rob are back and this year, they’ve got a couch. Yulia is back as well. She will be the funneist person to watch because our professor has a stuffed fish. What’s the fist for you ask? To throw at people who aren’t paying attention or are sleeping in class. who sleeps in class :-), Yulia!

After that it was to MSA to work where a virus deleted itself so I couldn’t copy it. That was kind of annoying. Oh well. Also some laptop repair as well. Open house is tomorrow… Gotta remember to go :-). 6 to 8 I think. Hopefully will be back in Twin Cities tomorrow around 2:30ish.

Church was after work. Got some DDR in and started a quest to Double A all the manaic songs. I’m probably crazy. 1 down… like 80 to go :-). Did some driving with Nikki and Amber around town to get Maria and stuff. It was then time to go to dinner for it was dinner night. There two groups met to play some trivia, along with Derek. I got my players plus account (http://www.ntn.com so I was happy. Now if only I had beaten Derek :-). Oh well. It was a grand time! I’m off to do some calc and BMW watching now, so wish me a good night and I hope to post again tomorrow!

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