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A chat-like post

jrcorps2: bwhahahha
jrcorps2: few notes worth mentioning
jrcorps2: i think those dell disks are winxp pro cds, so im
using one to build that computer, we’ll see how it works.. it
was formatting when i left
jrcorps2: the cdrom is busted…
jrcorps2: there are still pieces of cd in it
jrcorps2: i didnt look at the laptop
jrcorps2: the admin laptop is back by the pa
jrcorps2: the pa system is on
jrcorps2: and i wrote my first, second, third, and fourth c
programs todays as well as my first OpenGl program… very
cool stuff i will have to show you some day
jrcorps2: thanks for helping tonight
jrcorps2: and to answer a question im not sure i did earlier
jrcorps2: did i give up trumpet, no
jrcorps2: do i still play regularly, no
jrcorps2: do i have my trumpet? no, its on lone to my
jrcorps2: going to go watch bmw now.. this will be my post
for today
jrcorps2: later
daaaaaaaaaaaannn: ok
daaaaaaaaaaaannn: bye

Secret of Mana: Day 8
Estimated Percent complete: 24%
Ran around and kept running into all these guys that just didn’t like me. Oh well… Flamie is all grown up now which means I’ve been spending a lot of time flying. Dyluck is still no where to be found, but the emperor looks to be on the run… So Let’s keep up the good work.

Msa open house went great!

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