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A success

Week one is over. I believe the words that should be matched with that are “Yes” and “Thank God”.

I spent my morning trying to contemplate 3D programming. I was only held up though by a C library that refused to include itself. Soon though that will be resolved and I will be on my way to becoming a topnotch 3d programmer *yeah right*. As for the rest of the day… It was snow…

I did run into Woodbury Elementary kids at the Bell Museum, but Maria wasn’t with them it would seem. I wonder if there were not two groups that went? Don’t know… Either way, didn’t see them.

So the question is what am I going to do tonight… Let’s make a list of options and perhaps do one of them:


Movie Night, Possible Movies:

Coyote Ugly



Hunt for the Red October

Any other rentable

Go see a real movie, Possible Choices:

Lion King at Imax at 5:00, and 7:00pm

Catch Me If You Can at Carmike at 7:00, and 8:00

A Guy Thing 5:30, 7:45 (Dont really want to see this)

Karoke and Free Hot Dogs at Coffeman

Rollerblading/Skating *hmm, not top idea*

Iceskating *not in the mood really either*

MOA Racing, Video Games, Shopping, and Eating

Damon’s Trivia and Food *Yum and Fun*

Work – Code – Etc

Driving… To Canada! *hmm, not the most brilliant idea in this weather*

Video Game Night (Wont list choices, to many)

DDR at Mapplewood

DDR at Roseville

Prank Call Random People

Go out to dinner with family

Woodbury Basketball Game

Ultima Online

Program OpenGL or DirectX C stuff because its SO much faster than VB.

Work on SMRC

Chat on Aim

Play in fresh snow

LazerTag at Grand Slam

Food just about anywhere

Board/Card Games with friends *Monopoly, Risk, Chess!*

Watch BMW and various other TV shows

Make Dinner

I think thats enough things to pick from, maybe more will come up… Who knows. Now just to decide and figure out what everyone else around me wants to do.

Speaking of… John and I played our first round of online chess in about 6 months. This should be the start of a long series of games between the two of us. I plan on keeping track of score here with the new stats… Why? Because I can :-). Ok, so maybe this is some weird form of bragging, but the way I see it, It’s an encouragement to John to play harder. So the Score as of now is:
John: 0 Justin: 1

Well, I’m off to go do… Something

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