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Has it returned?

So I feel an old portion of my life returning. The portion where I spend way to much time playing Ultima Online. The portion of my life where I update the SMRC daily. The portion of my life where I don’t do that much with friends. I don’t think the last one has started yet, but the first two have surely returned after today. Maybe it’s that closet 4-eyed nerd trying to get out… Yes I know I’m a nerd, I’m just not a 4-eyed one *thats what we rank Bill Gates as*.

So as you can guess, I played Ultima Online today. I made a 17k profit on the day, as well as bought a new set of Shadow Armor, killed about a 50 Earth Elementals, and ran around on my horse. What a day eh? Well, thats what you get for spending your friday night sleeping from 5pm to 9am the next morning.

I thought I would take a picture of this… This was me trying to reaquaint myself with the game… It’s about all I could handle:

I’ve been working my parents hard for a new computer and it looks as if I might actually be getting somewhere. Either way, I won’t have it soon and it won’t do me to much good.

Amy has started playing Chrono Trigger. I don’t mention her much in my diary, but I thought I would mention this. Amy is my sister for those of you who don’t know I have one. The reason her starting a game of Chrono today was only of interest because it’s bound to interfer with my Secret of Mana time, and/or cause me to switch games for awhile to beat Chrono again. Either way, it was of notable mention.. I think… I’m beginning to wonder what possessed me to decide to do the following things so far this weekend:

Sleep away my friday night

Sleep as long as I did: 18 hours +- 2

Start playing Ultima Online

Go out to dinner with family

Stay home on a friday AND saturday night

Not watch any movies

Not spend time with friends

Continue to code the SMRC (2/12 sections finished…)

I guess we will never know…

Super Bowl is tomorrow. I’m not really all that excited. We have some friends coming over, possibly more than we think. That’s cool. It will be good to see Sim tomorrow… Maybe he will want to run around UO for awhile :-).

Church as well in the morning. Right now I am not in the mood to go, but I will. I will give Jeff Stigmata, which was something I was going to do earlier this week but never got to… The long of the short of it is that is looking to be what we start studing sometime soon.

“[Jesus Said] Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.” – Thomas 77b

Time to stop writing I say.

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