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A Jamming 300th Post

So today was the Superbowl. Today was Sunday. Today was a day to Jam. Today was also host to the 300th post on this site. How fitting considering the whole day was great. Ok, so let’s try to explain the most cool part of today.

As we all know, the Superbowl was this afternoon. For the last two years now, the Benson’s (Sim, Mel, and their parents) come over and we bake pizzas and watch the game. This is what we did, but this time, Sim brought his baby. No he doesn’t have a kid *at least not one he’s told me about*. We hooked it up, pulled out the drum set into the main room, and just started playing like two people on a mission. We really didn’t have a mission, and we didn’t really play that well, but it was a blast.

We set up a video camera to record us while we were playing so we have soundbits and screenshots from everything that we did. The picturers were uploaded to the photos section and the sounds are listed right here. Yes, we know we ‘have potential’ or in other words: we suck. But hey, it’s your fault for listening to them! Oh yeah, that stuff you hear in the back is the football game, not fans cheering us on.

Jam 1 – Not to shabby

Jam 2 – Hear that beat? (What Beat?)

Jam 3 – Simple is better

Jam 4 – Whoops, I made a mistake again

Church was ok, got to see Amber. Church has taken a weird turn for me. I’m questioning some things a lot more. I don’t think that any of them are leading me to lose faith, but rather, I am finding strongholds in what I already know and becoming more aware of my own beliefs because of it.

Oh, played UO again. I am really getting into the whole Blacksmithing thing again. I don’t know how long it will last, but hey it’s all good. Well I want to get this post up before midnight so here goes…

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