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Labs Again

I’m beginning to notice a pattern to my life… Every tuesday, I have to go a lab at 12:20. Therefore, every Tuesday, I have to prepare for that lab. Therefore, every Tuesday I despise because I dislike lab books. See the pattern? Think I should have seen it sooner? Yep.

Ok, so that’s what I spent my morning doing… Physics. I love physics. It’s the one science that I think make since… Of course, I will completely ruin ever scientific physics theory when I finally am capable of being able to throw myself at the ground and miss. Now that will be the day.

Well, I don’t know what I am doing tonight. Probably homework and studying and the like. I should work on something that is due Thursday and Friday so that I don’t have to do them Wednesday and Thursday respectively. I should also finish getting ready for lab, so I’m out… Later