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Did I forget to post again?

Just about missed my nice little deadline of sorts of doing 1 a day at least. At least, I think I did… I don’t remember updating earlier today.

So here’s the short of my rather long day. Woke up. Got on a bus. Went to physics lecture. Went to math lecture. Went and played 4 games of chess and got my rank about 1300 on Yahoo’s system. Went to CSCI. Followed Rob Home. Played Smash Brothers with the regulars, where, surpringly enough, I actually managed to beat the all practiced Rob… I wonder what I could have done had it be Melee.

Went back to the lab, met up with John and played chess while we waited for Rob to get out of Calc. It turned out our wait was for nothing because he decided that it wasn’t the best of ideas to come home with us. So we left and got stuck in traffic for just over an hour.

Upon arriving back in Woodbury, we proceeded to Applebee’s where the service was slow, the food nothing special *except the oreo cookie shake I guess*, but the company was great. John and I had our minds on a Organic Chem problem that I have no clue what the real answer is… I just keep saying its that C and T one because thats what made the most sense after I looked at it…

After dinner, it was off to Church where Nikki‘s group presented. They did a pretty good job. My sister needed a little work on her acting, but eh, as a whole they did just fine. We then did a lot of reminsing in small groups, prayed, and got ready to leave.

I took Amber home then myself home. Then played UO while doing physics. 89 WOOT! Few more ingots and a few more points and WOOT! Maybe tomorrow I’ll even get a nice BOD *Bulk Order Deed*

It was then off to BMW and Calc and a little more physics. I have to type so of what I did up, so I am going to go now… Hey everyone, start nagging Sim to update The Onus.

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