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An update

Today was almost like any other day, but still different from all the rest. I woke up feeling loved, very warm, and comforted that my blankets had not left me. I think the relationship I have with my blankets is one of the strongest bonds that can ever be felt. For they keep me warm when I’m cold, comfort me when I’m sad, hold me when I need holding, and are always there when I need them. Some would call that love. I have a similiar, but not quite as loving relationship with my towels. Actually, if we complete the metaphor… My blankets to me are like someone I Love Love *like my future wife*. My towels are like my family and friends… the one’s that give me tough love and keep me clean. Maybe thats why Douglas Adams always said you should never forget your trusty towel… It is afterall the most important thing and has more uses that could ever be imagined… Almost like peanut butter.

My chess playing ability was shot today. It’s like I couldn’t think more than 1 move ahead. I ended up losing 5 games *not all to the same person mind you*. I don’t think I even won one. I haven’t had a day like that… since… um… I don’t know. Either way, it cost my Yahoo rank a few good digits. I think I was distracted…

Speaking of online games that only cause my distractions from everything to get worse… Ultima Online *at least the servers I play one* has been down most of all of today. They are upgrading to Age of Shadows, a version of the game I ordered yesterday. It’s looking pretty cool if you ask me. Very cool actually. Everything has been changed… EVERYTHING. As Sim and I talked about it… It’s almost a whole new game. I’m sure I will be talking about all the cool stuff I see in game the next few days… When I get it of course.

To jump back a little… here’s the stats from a pretty cool chess game I had the otherday on yahoo. Just thought I would share it in case someone is out there and really wants to see what was a pretty cool game.
;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: blackmen
;Black: jjdoughboy
;Date: Mon Feb 10 11:54:50 PST 2003

1. e2-e4 d7-d6
2. d2-d4 e7-e5
3. d4-d5 f7-f6
4. c2-c4 h7-h5
5. h2-h4 f6-f5
6. f2-f3 f5-f4
7. b2-b4 b7-b6
8. b4-b5 a7-a6
9. a2-a4 a6-a5
10. g1-h3 f8-e7
11. b1-c3 e7xh4+
12. h3-f2 g7-g5
13. d1-d2 g5-g4
14. f3xg4 h5xg4
15. d2-d3 g8-h6
16. f1-e2 g4-g3
17. f2-h3 h6-g4
18. o-o g4-h2
19. f1-d1 d8-f6
20. c1-d2 c8xh3
21. g2xh3 f6-g6
22. e2-g4 h2xg4
23. h3xg4 g6xg4
24. d2-e1 g3-g2
25. e1xh4 h8xh4
26. d3-e2 f4-f3
27. e2-e3 g4-g3
28. a1-a2 h4-h1++

Ok, so I know no one cares… but at least when I read this post again when I am 30 *assuming I haven’t somehow misplaced my database in the next 40 years *I keep backups of it*. I will be able to waste 5 minutes of my life seeing what a brilliant young lad I was. Ok, maybe not.

Almost got to the Hard Rock Cafe with Nikki and Maria today. Fell through though. That’s ok, It gave me time to play with a candle and enjoy fire.

I still have a big web design project I need to do. I don’t know when I will do it, but it ought to be sometime soon. So many ideas. So little motivation for some of them. So little time for others. Hey… What about the SMRC?!!

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

In other news, I started to write a book. A real book. Not just some 2 page story like those found in the stories on this site. I will probably publish it here because I don’t have the talent to actually get it published published… Come to think of it, I probably don’t have the talent to finish, let alone write a decent story. Oh well, it seems worth the effort, and I think it looks pretty good so far… So, in other words, 2 pages down, at least 198 to go. :-).

Ok, I’m off to do my nightly routine. Laterz

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