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Ok… I knew but now need to vent

If you read yesterday’s post, you noticed that I had set up a very rigid schedule for myself. It was not to be tampered with. Well, here’s what happened to me that now has me a little stress/hyper, but still of course, ok overall.

Last night, instead of going home after church, I spent about 3 hours *till 11pm* talking with Amber, Nikki, Kirk(sp), and Derek about life. The conversation started as one of War, which really, there is nothing I honestly believe we can do to prevent it. We might be able to stop it once it’s started, but yeah… Really, in the case of war, what happens happens, and I trust that our government officials are not corrupt, unlike some places.

After the girls both left, the topic became more about what it means to be christian, what it means for me to be christian, and who really is a christian. It was a good talk. I saw a perspective of some people that I have never really seen before, or never cared to notice. It was very worthwhile being there.

I got home about 11 and tried to tackle a nasty derived physics formula. That took me to 1:00am, so I went to bed. I woke on time, got out of the house on time, got to class on time. Our TA was late for the quiz though. 15 minutes late. Then we find out that the problem was something we should have been worrying about… I mean, of course air traffic controllers are going to make a mistake without a computer if they have two planes that are 1000 miles apart flying at weird angels to each other with a crosswind of 200mph and a delay of 30 minutes between flights. Who really has the time to calculate those vectors and angles? Well, aparently, our lab didn’t. Not one group finished or came up with a decent answer in time. We all blaim our TA and the problem.

Our TA is getting a lot of bad recommendations from our class right now. He’s been late to class twice, he didn’t seem to put very decent comments, or even a score on our lab report. My homework looks ok, but he handed out the solutions to the last one and they were clearly wrong. That being said…

I am now here, a little stressed out from the bad test, but actually pretty calm. I have a calculas test I need to study a little for here in about a minute, but really, there is no way a calculas test can be as bad as the test I just took. Well, that’s not true… But eh.

Physics Midterm Tomorrow. Whoopie! Off I go now

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