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More Updates Needed

I just looked at my mood graph and realized that I really haven’t been doing the best of jobs updating. So maybe I should start working my way back at least to 2 a day, if not 3 or 4.

Calc Midterm I think went ok. I’m not sure how many points I got, but I’m thinking a High B or a Low A. Not bad for the first midterm and first amount of calculas I’ve really done in 2 years. The scary part about the whole thing is that I was having MSA student’s ask me questions about how to do calc problems today, just out of the blue. I was able to help them, which was even scarier… And they weren’t that easy. I really should put effort into calc. It has such cool potentials that if you knew everything about it you could probably achieve taking over the world in a fraction the time.

After my calc midterm, I headed over to MSA. Got a good chunk of work done. Ordered a Hard drive and coded a good number of lines of code for an MSA enrollment thingy. About 50 more and I would have been done, but I had to attend the ortho.

Honestly, I’m not sure I want my braces off. I don’t get kissed, so its not affecting that at all. I don’t let my picture get taken that often where I need to have my teeth showing. It is a hassel to go to the ortho once a month to get the bands changed, but I mean… Think of the benefits. You always have a lock pick if you REALLY REALLY need it, or a electrical conductor, or small weapon, or .. or… Just think of how many uses a small piece of wire has. Not only that, you can hide stuff between your cheek and the top of your braces. The wire makes like a perfect shelf. This is great for hiding gum from a teacher, storing an afternoon snack :-), or hiding contraband that isn’t to big. Either way, they should be off by the time I graduate *yeah right*

Tomorrow’s V-day. I may have talked about that already. But eh, just thought I would mention it.

Off I go now for awhile.