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Another Almost Missed Update

So today was a good day. It was my first day sledding in my front yard this year. I went by myself which always makes it a little less fun, but still a good time. Did you know that if you spit on the ground, the air bubbles freeze!? It was pretty cool!

I walked into our back 10 today to look around. All I saw was open land and some new houses being built. I don’t remember ever seeing houses when looking in our back 10, which is kind of scary, but thats not the point of where I was going with this. I noticed we had a lot of open land. A lot! So what did I want to do? Launch model rockets. So I went and got my good old Alpha III and then went looking for the engines and launchpad. I found neither, which makes me wonder where they are. But eh.

Went to TGIF’s with my Nikki, Amber, and Jon. We had a good time and a weird server. Tom was his name. He was good, but probably a little to excentric. He did a good job though. Hey, I even got Dr. Pepper when I ordered a Coke! How’d he know I would want that instead? :-).

Well, it’s off to bed for me. Maybe I’ll write some tonight. Later

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