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Time, Truth, Turns

How can you tell when Justin is busy? Let’s make a list:

He doesn’t update his site

He leaves church early

He has away messages up for hours at a time

He has a list of things to do that looks like this:

Talk to Derek about Youth Website and registration system

Physics Homework

Calc Homework

Computer Sciene Homework

Play UO *Not vital*

finish website x,y, and z

Update personal site

Lab report

Repair car

MSA Work


He doesn’t answer his phone

He doesn’t seem to be sleeping

He doesn’t seem to be eating

He is quick to answer

He is quick to anger

He avoids doing something that seems simple, like homework

He is moving faster than he does when running the mile or playing DDR.

He smells and needs a shower.

That seems like a pretty good list of ways to tell.

Ok, again, I have a lot more I could put here, but I am busy, and like I said… About 80 posts will be here shortly for you’ll to read.

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