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They’re There

So instead of studying for a calc quiz I have in about 30 minutes, I decided to finish up the code to convert all my old entries to the database style. So now, there are entries dating all the way back to January 5th, 2002. Amazing isn’t it? Not only that, I re-numbered the index which got rid of the bug that was around entry number 45 or something. So basically, everything should be working and there should now be another 80 some entries for you to read that preceded all the entries having to do with now.

Because they are new, and because I don’t want to do Math, I want to mention a few things about them.

They were generally shorter than these posts:
Why? Because I didn’t like working with raw html every day. This version of the site is easier to update and doesn’t require FTP access or anything really. So in that way, it has allowed me to update more and easier.

They contain unable to be seen formatting:
Due to the CSS on this page, some of the tag like bold don’t always work. I’m not to concerned about this, but it should be noted that some of the formatting from past issues may not be correct.

They contain more spelling errors than the main part of the site:
No excuses for this, let’s just say I have become a better writer *I hope*.

They are more cryptic:
For awhile, I didn’t have a way of hiding stuff I didn’t want people to read. Instead, I would be very general and make it seem very likely that any of it could be happening.

They contain refrences to the other site:
Things like tiger, frog, blah, had to do with an image I maintained on that version of the site.

They are generally funnier:
I tried to include something funny every day, like a list or something. They’re pretty good.

Ok, I really need to do that math stuff now, but yeah, they are there, in the day, all 80 of them.

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