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Binary Poetry

If X < Y

Everyday I seek only your happiness (sx = x >> 2)
If you are better because I am near (sy = y >> 2)
then I will be at your side (sox = (sx & 1))
If you are better with me away (soy = (sy & 1))
I will run from your sight (signchangeneg = (~sox & soy))
This is unconditional (case1 = sox & ~soy)
completely neglecting myself (sx2 = ~x)
selflessly (soz = ~(sx2 + y))
patiently // A comment goes here
sanely (case2 = ((soz >> 31) & 1)
But there is an order to this madness
For I seek happiness to my life as well
This switching between near and far can come at a price
A price which often can’t be paid
with anything other than time and pain.
solution = (case1 | (case2 & (~signchangeneg)))

If your in CSCI2021, I suggest you dont copy my code… It’s probably bugged anyway!

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