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My level of energy is critical. As is my level of thought processes. I slept in an argument last night. The whole night I was stressing out over things like a scholarship, my missing calculator, lab reports, physics homework, calc homework, computer science homework, work at msa, webpage design, vb programming, church, friends, the rest of my social life. All I want right now is sleep. I also want to understand the calculas I am going to be tested on in 30 minutes.

So what does Justin do? Keep pushing himself. Why? Because he has to live up to everyone elses standards. Why? So that he can do what he wants. For example: Justin must find a way to fill out a scholarship application by Saturday or risk not being able to do anything with friends this weekend. Now, that’s not such a bad risk. I should probably work on homework anyway all weekend. However, Sunday is Nikki‘s birthday, and I don’t want my reason for not being able to share in her special day to be because I didn’t do some paperwork. Money is driving my parents motivation. My parents are in turn driving it on to me. What gives me the motivation is my friends. I think it’s interesting how they aren’t at all related.

I really need to study for this test now, then I am going to go home and sleep for awhile. Sleep is good. It can cure all problems.

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