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The cure of Sleep

So let’s tell a few stories of today before I have to go to bed.

8am to 9am is my Physics lab. My TA never showed up. So basically, we all sat there for 45 minutes talking. I was kinda sleeping. It got rescheduled. YAY!

9 – 11: Calculas. That went ok except I wasnt awake. Stupid tests just can’t be interpreted when you can’t see straight.

11-4: I came home and slept. I like sleep. It makes me feel warm inside. Maybe it’s because of the 5 blankets on my bed. I still feel tired, but at least I don’t feel distraught.

4-6: Dinner, Computer, chat with Maria about her age and about Everwood.

I then chatted with Amber for awhile on the phone. She is leaving for Chicago. It just won’t be the same celebrating Nikki‘s birthday without her. She’ll have fun and we will probably bid her goodbye tomorrow at 4.

I played some UO as well. Upgrade my house to a house with a roof. Sold a good amount of wood for a good amount of cash to pay for the roof. Got some recall ruins to the house. Well. That’s it for tonight. Off to watch Lauren and Cory get it on. M&M episode should be tonight if I have the sequence right.

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