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Blowing Snow

I look out my window and what do I see. Lots of blowing snow. So what do I do? Everything but what I should do. PK was probably right. I should have gone in today, but I didn’t. Instead, I did my own school session. A little bit of physics (lab reports and prelab quizes and some reading). My own little calc session (some problems and reading). And of course, no computer science other than playing on the computer… Hey, it’s just a couple of bits you move around here and there right? Ok, maybe not. I suppose I could program this site to update itself. No, that would be pointless. I would need something that would be monitoring me and could interpret how I was feeling and what I wanted to post. Maybe that will be next year’s project :-).

I’m realizing my updates have been slacking lately. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve been busy, if its because of a lack of motivation, or if it’s because I have fallen madly in love with sleep. This should almost be as rigid of a scheduled thing as prayer is in my life. Speaking of prayer… Yesterday in church got a prayer journal to fill out as a pray. Just a little project to help us see how it does have an impact on our life. It will be interesting how it turns out.

Yesterday was Nikki‘s birthday for those of you who didn’t know. Being the moron I am, I was unable to come up with any physical gift to get Nikki. I could have been cheap and got her money, but that just isn’t the message I wanted to send, so I just decided that I would do whatever I could for her yesterday. Hope that was enough, even though I would do anything for you anyway Miss Nik.

I would go through everything we did, but well.. 49% of it was food, 50% of it was driving to find the food, and the other 1% was just spending time with friends like Maria, Beth, and Mel. I think she had a good day. It’s really to bad the computer won a fight with me Saturday night to try to finish a gift for Nikki. Hmm… Idea… Brb post..

Ok, I’m back. Wait a second. Did I ever really leave? Who knows… Well some people do. What was I talking about? Gift for Nikki. I think I took care of that.

I am trying to increase my productivity but it’s not working. Eh. I got what… 8 Hours before I want to sleep. Plenty of time. Eiffel – Now is Forever is playing anyway. Good song, good point.

Ok, yeah. I got one more thing that needs to be put in this post hiddenly. So here it is 🙂 Bye Post