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A plan to start

So my long day has begun. As expected the bus ride was pretty uneventful. John somehow missed me on the bus so he didn’t ride next to me, instead he sat like 40 seats in front of me. Oh well. That gave me time to sleep on the bus as opposed to talk.

Physics wasn’t all that interesting either. It was a fairly decent lecture on Work and Power and Kinetic Energy. You would think they could skip over this part of the class because by now, everyone knows if you turn a generator, the light turns on :-). Ok, so maybe some people didn’t know the formulas behind that. Just tell them that KE = .5mv^2. They can figure out the rest from there, hopefully.

Needless to say I had time to think. I probably could have used that time a little better by getting ready for lab today. I did think about it, but that only lead to me realizing I left a work sheet at home so I can’t get ready for the first half of lab today. No biggy I guess.

I have calculas in roughly an hour. I actually studied during my Boy Meets World episodes. I should do that more often. Speaking of BMW, I think it’s kind of ironic that one set of the series is running with the breakup of Cory and Topanga right after the Lauren episodes, at the same time, Cory and Topanga are getting together in Disney World. You know, sometimes my brain wanders into weird ideas because of this show. What if I went and met some girl in Disney World? Would they then date me. Ha no, well, no. Although it is a good excuse to go to Disney World for the 7th or 8th time of my life (DW is the preferred vacation spot of my family/sister).

Speaking of other creative ideas. I decided in physics today that I should update this site more than I have been recently. I decided the best method to cause me to do this is to update every time I sit down to a computer. Now this could cause a few weird side affects. A) I won’t want to get up from the computer for fear that I will just have to come back and update. B) I won’t want to get on the computer for fear I will have to update, and C) Updates should increase drastically, as there is no way to avoid updating when sitting down.

Some people may be asking, isn’t this what my policy has been all along? No actually, my original policy was every time I opened Netscape. The problem with that is as of recently, I have stopped using Netscape on my home computer. Don’t ask me why, I still like it better 99% of the time. Either way, that has been part of the lack of updates.

Well right about now I am thinking that I should probably move forward with this plan of getting things done before calculas. There will probably be another update from me right after that class as well, seeing as I will be coming back to a computer.


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