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So this could get interesting if I update everytime I sit down to a computer. My updates per day might launch up to 5 or 6, if not 7 or 8 :-). No problem with that right?

Just finished my prelab writeups. I really wonder why they want us to care so much about the frictional coeffecients of a wooden block sliding down a metal ramp. Maybe it’s the whole teamwork of lab that they are trying to introduce us to. Or just the general idea that yes, gravity does indeed still cause things to fall towards earth. John would have you believe otherwise.

Calculas was ok. Got our first take home quiz. I am thinking about posting the question here and letting you guys take the quiz for me. Would you do that? Some of you probably would just to show me that you could do it. That would be funny. Maybe when I get back from lab and I need something to post, that’s what I will post.

I also need to figure out what causes one’s tummy to grumble. I noticed today in calc class that mine was doing just that. If I leaned forward, it was louder, and more frequent, where as, if I leaned back and breathed, they were very rare and intermitent. Now see, it is this kind of information that they should be grinding into our heads. I think I might have been taught it before, but it’s slipping my mind. Still, it’s more useful than knowing the frictional coeffecient of a wood block. After all, one actually allows you to prevent embarassing noises where as the other just makes for a weird conversation piece. Ultimately, a pop tart has the capabability of making both situations ok.

Time to go again.

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