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Learner’s Lounge 7

College student’s are probably the biggest complainers. Maybe not. Maybe I am for complaining about them.

We have a TA for physics that has been quoted as saying things like ‘shut-up’, ‘bull-shit’, etc, which is kinda ok, just different. I think I mentioned this last time, he completely missed a lab. He says hand in lab reports whenever and then expects them on a certain day. He can be annoying like that. Either way… Lab with him is kinda bad. That’s all I will say about that from now on.

John and I are playing chess as I type this. It’s a timed game, so I really must be going. My mood went down only because I can’t celebrate Mardi Gra with my friends, instead, I get to celebrate it with a bunch of MSA Board Members… WOOT! Oh well. Maybe I’ll still get my ice cream that I mentioned last night. You never know. I’m out.

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