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Lots of sleep, love, and happiness. I basically cleaned today. I even updated my other website. It was almost a miracle. I won a few games of chess again. It seems chess is my new favorite game.
It is nice to know that as a frog, no one expects anything from you. They don’t expect you to be smart, funny, or even entertaining. The only thing a frog really has to worry about are cars.
I once had a nightmare I was frogger, boy that was bad. I never want to be frogger again. Well, I should probably be hopping my way to some other events in my life. Oh, I am going to start this “cd-a-day” thing.

Todays CD: Eiffel 65 – Europop
Insite to Life: When parents are wrong, and the kid is right, the kid is still wrong.

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