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St. Croix Memories

So, I have decided that I like this number of updates per day. It’s insane, and I probably won’t maintain it, but at least I don’t forget to mention anything during my day. And hey, for those really avid readers, it gives you a reason to come back like every 3 hours that I am awake *which is normally from 8am to 12pm*. What is that saying? Yes, it says my hands touch a computer every 3 hours. Scary isn’t it?

MSA Board meeting went kind long and slow. It was sad not to be able to spend time with friends on a perfectly good Tuesday night to do so. Oh well, there’s always the weekend.

Most interesting thing at the BOD meeting: The senior high class trip has been decided that we will all go to Camp St. Croix, to return to the place where it all started. Yes, we spent our 3 of our first days at a Camp where we could all get to know one another. So basically, for us seniors, we are stopping where it started. Maybe this time I won’t get sent home. Sent home you say? Well for those of you who don’t know the story…

Day 1 at camp. We arrive in the afternoon and have roughly 2 hours of free time before we need to be anywhere. We all decide to play a game of tackle football. It ends up being the then seniors *10th graders* Vs. everyone else. This was fairly fair because they had all hit their growth spurts… we had 6th grade shrimps. Richard was our QB. Kenny was our linemen/running back. I was a receiver. We didn’t care about the rest of the team, although we were letting them play. PK had matched up with me. I believe Jerimiah and Jake had matched up on the line. The rest were kind of floaters.

We ran Kenny a few times. That works well. Kenny is one of those running backs that when playing a game of tackle football, if you don’t know how to tackle properly, can be extremely hard to take down. He will just plow right through. For example, we plowed right over a 6th grader (*or was it 7th*) and broke his leg. Of course that was going to happen when we play tackle. But hey, it was a new school, we could bend the rules.

I remember getting behind PK on a slight trick play set up by me and Rich. I remember going behind him and him running in to get Kenny who it looked like we had handed off to. I remember running it in for the touchdown after making the catch and jumping onto the wooden platform. It was a good game of football.. Ah yes.. Football…

The next day was the day I got sent home. We went to our classes and such and wandered around. In between classes, the 9th grade guys *my friends* went back to the dorm. We dropped off some books or something and were about to go on our way somewhere else. Rich and I were the last ones out of the room, and when we had stepped outside, our whole bunk was on the ledge of our cabin. On the path in front of our cabin, a kid was calling people names.

“Your gay, your gay, your gay, your ok, your gay”

He then points to a friend of mine, and says, “Your the gayest of all”.

Now I know this is going to sound like a movie, but it’s what happened, and I must say, it looked pretty cool. My friend, knowing karate, jump kicks the kid in the shoulder off the ledge of our cabin. The kid barely gets knicked for it was just a warning blow from Ray. Ray then backs off and the kid either had or picked up, im not sure which, a 3 foot, 2-inch diameter, stick. He chucks it at Ray and the last thing I see before deciding I didn’t want to be involved in the fight was my friend running after the punk.

We all go back inside the cabin to avoid getting pulled into the fight. We are all in a kind of shock as to what to do, but we can all hear what’s going on outside. The last thing we hear is the punk saying “Oh shit, this kid knows kung fu”. About 30 seconds later my friend comes back in all angry. We try to calm him down and tell him that everything should be fine.

Ok, now this next scene takes a little bit of diagramming so here goes:

x bbb|bbbKx
xR b|b Kx
xR b|b Kx
xR b|b x
x bbb x
x d
x d
x JJJ xxxx
xb b|E bbbx
xb b|E x
xCCCb|E bbb x

x = wall
C = Friend’s Bed
J = Justin’s (My) Bed
R = Richard‘s Bed
d = Door
K = Kenny’s Bed

Ok, now let’s see. Here’s how I remember it going down. The punk walks in through the door with the stick. I am sitting on my bed, as is my friend on his. He winds up to throw the stick at my friend, across the room. That puts me right in the middle. Of course, a 3 foot stick will have a hard time clearing the distance between my head and the ceiling. So my natural reaction is… Duck.

The stick of course still nails me in the back of the head. I stay down with my head in the tucked position feeling to see if I am bleeding. Right now, my brain is slowly stopping to think straight. I remember my friend running to the door and hearing Robert stop him from going out so as to prevent anymore fighting. I remember everyone but Richard telling my friend to calm down. I remember Richard saying, ‘Uh guys, I think Justin is hurt’.

I don’t think I was very kind at that point and I think I swore something about yes, yes I am. I try to stand and walk but that doesn’t go over well. Rich and someone else, I don’t remember who, help me out. I remember walking out of the room and trying to do basic math in my head. It didn’t work so well. My brain just was not registering thought. I remember someone sending to get Richard‘s mom who was chaperoning. She was at the time, the only person I really trusted on this trip.

They found her and got me to a chair in the main lodge. They slowed the bleeding and did some basic checks for a concussion/etc. I remember a headache. I remember them calling my parents. I remember telling my friend to tell the whole truth about what happened because in the long run it would be better for all of us. I remember my mom coming and picking me up from camp. I remember being dazed.

The doctor said I probably had a mild concussion and would need to put some medicate cream stuff on my head to prevent infection, but otherwise I should be fine. Our director/principle Mr. Hilton met up with me at the Doctor’s office to make sure I was alright and that I wouldn’t be pressing charges against the school. Very smart cookie when it comes to avoiding the law.

When I got back they had me fill out a witness statement/victim statement about what I remember happening and what happened to me. I guess the Wisconsin state police got sworn statements from my whole cabin. They ended up sending my friend home from camp on the threat that if he didn’t go home he would get sent to Wisconsin’s Juvenial detention center. The punk that instigated it all got to stay. Not the fairest of situations, but it had to do with who attacked who first.

I spent my last night at camp at camp with instructions for Rich to make sure I was still alive in the morning (concussions can do weird things to you in your sleep). I can remember Mr. Thielman telling me to take off my hat because they weren’t allowed in class and me arguing back that I need to wear it because it’s holding a bandage on my head. Of course he understood once he actually figured out that I wasn’t lying and that I was the kid that had the injury the day before. It’s kind of interesting how back then none of the teachers knew us, and we didn’t know them. Now, Theilman would trust me if I said that. At least, I think he would. It’s amazing how much time changes things.

Well to conclude the story. I still have an open case in Wisconsin if the punk ever chooses to assault me again. I don’t think he will, but it’s just nice to know that it’s still there. Neither one of them were brought up on any charges. They both returned to school. Ultimately, no really big concequence for what happened, other than the scar now on the back of my head. Hey, at least I didn’t get broadsided in the face like Richard did just a few weeks earlier… oops, that’s another story that I am not going to try to type out tonight.

So, now that I am done with that :-). It truly is amazing what all I remember from Camp St. Croix. I would list more things, but I have a feeling you would all get bored. Oh well, I have 7 minutes before BMW so I am going to anyway.

I remember Mr. Schumacher(sp) being all obsessive about butterflys while we were there. I remember him using Petrina over and over again as an example because he had done some butterfly project over the summer with her that he thought was really really cool.

I remember making a map for Simone’s class of the route we took to get to Camp St. Croix. I remember sitting on the floor drawing it out with our colored pencils and him telling us that we need to have 4 things: scale, title, compass, and key. He also kept telling us we would be making a lot of maps in his classes. He was relatively right.

I remember the basic math we did with Mr. Minsley’s speeding ticket problem and trying to prove that it was very very unlikely that he had been doing something like 80mph. In reality we had him clocked at 68mph, which is still faster than the speed limit. On the upside: He took our math to court and got the ticket lowered to the lowest possible fine for speeding.

I remember Chris S. making our cabin smell like his colone. He had sprayed it all over his bed. Man, did our cabin reak after we left.

I remember the 10th graders living out in the boonies with no heat and it was cold.

I remember Evan getting late night girl visitors to his window and then getting in trouble for it with Simone.

I remember one of Simone’s jokes about having to go pee in the middle of the night and how if anyone even got up they would wake him and would be caught. I remeber Eric having to do this and well.. Disturbing the peace. 🙂

I remember Kenny falling asleep flicking the entire room off.

I remember a bonfire where we sang some cheesy songs and did something involving garbage bags… I don’t remember much more than that.

I remember a talent show competition where the teaching staff all got newspapers. They started on the left and asked the next one, is it time yet? is it time yet is it time yet? They did it about 3 times and on the last time, the last person said Yes, and they all flipped their pages… Pretty funnny :-).

I remember the kitchen and the rectangle tables and how they ran perpendicular to where we dropped off our plates. I remember how the science room was right below it. I remember how there was a little nook where Mr. Hilton gave me my head medcine (I think I was taking Tylonel as well).

Truly is amazing… I must say. Ok, well BMW is starting here shortly and this post is already WAY to long. All because of a BOD meeting agenda item. Wow. Just think, if I can come up with something this detailed EVERY time I sit down… That’s like 4 hours of writing a day.

Ok, night all. Happy Mardi Gra!

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