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One Little Spark

So I had what was at the time, a really good dream last night. In reality, upon awakening, it was kind of scary. I would describe it, but what happened in the dream is not important. I know this for multiple reasons, and I am 99.9% sure that everything in the dream was a metaphor created for my own amusement. Ok, so let’s get on to what this dream caused.

I wasn’t going to take the dream very litterally, but it showed me overcoming restraints to get something I wanted. This of course caused me to spend most of my physics lecture thinking about how I could act on those ideas. That got me to the point of asking myself what I really want. I think I’ve been down this path before. I think it always causes me to go nutz for short periods of time till I ignore it and let it go back in hiding.

Well, I think I caught the problem forming before it started. So hopefully I am not insane by the end of the night. I suppose we will see.

In other news: work is on the horizon to need to be done. I have 2 physics problems due tomorrow, as well as a take hope quiz for calc. I have a C++ program due monday, which I really need to finish by Friday. I have a group physics quiz tomorrow morning at 8 that I really should study for, as well as a quiz on friday morning at 8 that I really should study for. If I don’t sit around surfing aimlessly on the web all day, I might be able to get this done. On another note: I could just program for this site. That is afterall so much more fun.

Tonight, I have church. Amber called last night about the plan for dinner tonight. I didn’t realize she called until late so I won’t be able to talk to her till after she get’s out of school today. (unless she gets on aim). Sorry about that. It shall be fun!

I keep wondering today what would happen if I was blind. I mean, it’s probably the one thing I rely most on. If I was deaf, I could read. But if I was blind, I wouldn’t be able to operate a computer easily. I wouldn’t be able to program. I wouldn’t be able to drive. It’s all very very scary.

Ok, well, I’m going to do something at least semi-productive now. What that is I don’t know. Odds are the next time I sit down to a computer will be this afternoon at 1:30, so look for an update then.