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Yulia is looking at me funny

Csci was well… CSCI. Good lecture on the system stack space and how it swaps registers, calls procedures, and causes us headaches. Either way, much to be learned ASM wise. Much C to be written. Oh yea!

In other coding news: I added some nifty features to the Day section of this site. Not all of them are visible yet, but they are all coded. For example. You can now navigate from the top of the Day page if you would like. Also, if you add the thing ?month=7 to the end of the day address, you will end up getting all the entries for July 2002. So on and so for. I will have the navigation in place for that shortly so that you can view entries by month. There is also code for a list-all in place. I am debating the ability to see multiple entries at once. We’ll see.

Well, Yulia wants me to be productive and help her with her homework. I seem to be doing a pretty good job of that as well. Either way, I am leaving now to work on homework and or quizes, and or, this site.

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