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Lent Begins, So Do I

Just got home from church and now I have some school work that I must get done. Ah yes, the thrills of school work. So this won’t be a long post. My mind keeps wandering back to that dream I had last night that I mentioned this morning. It also keeps wandering back to a related issue. Bah I say to it. I can’t let my mind play these games with me.

Let began. I think I am going to try to get two things up. One is fully in secret. One’s kinda hard to hide. Maybe that takes away from the point, but I think the opposite. Not sharing allows it to remain personal. It will be interesting to see if I can do one or both.

Calc time. Later all.

Time without thing 1: 20 hours, 29 minutes.
Thing one is the only one I think I can maintain by the way. And no, it’s not Boy Meets World.