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Another Day Complete

Well, I have now sat in the computer lab for roughly 4 hours. Whoopie right? Finished 2/3’s of my CSCI Homework. That’s always good. On the downside, I feel like I am being a jerk towards someone that can use my help. The problem is is that if I continue to be their crutch, they will never learn to walk on their own. It’s just a bad situtation. On the upside, I helped her to a 101% on the last assignment, so that can give her some buffer points if she needs them.

I didn’t get to finishing the minor things on this site that I was going to do today. Or any of the other cool things. I didn’t think the coding would bug out on me like that. It wasn’t even bugged, it was the stupid compiler again. On the upside of things, I got what was like a 13 line check down to a 4 line check in the process. Very very cool if you ask me.

It’s Thursday night. Not much normally is happening on a thursday night if I don’t have a board meeting. Maybe I’ll call some people up and see if they want to do something. Or maybe… I’ll call Amber with a coupon, bring over a tiny tv, and watch friends in her hot tub. Ah yes, that would be relaxing. Probably not though.

Note to self: You forgot to change the updater code so none of the new entries are getting added to the month of March. Need to fix that!

I’m still getting over the 2 hours spent today debugging. Erg. Segmentation Fault’s are the worst to debug if it has nothing to do with the code!

Time without thing 1: 38 hours 48 minutes.

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