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Had a physics test this morning. That went ok. Kind of a drag though. I’m 99% sure I got the first and the third problem right. I’m not so sure about the second. But that’s ok. That’s what these tests are about anyway.

Math was boring. I worked on my own as opposed to listen to the examples on the board. I find I learn better when I am doing the work as opposed to listening to someone talk about it. Not only that, it’s easier to stay awake and pass time. I suppose thats why people who don’t do what I do all seem to be doing the crossword during lecture.

Since those classes got over, I’ve been doing homework. I’m starting to dislike the power of C. Not really, but kinda. On one hand, I like the fact that I can jump to memory locations and do weird things. On the other hand, I don’t like how I can walk off the end of an array. I’ll learn.

Don’t know what I’m doing down to the letter tonight. I suppose it depends on when I finish my homework. But hey, that’s life. I might head up to Damon’s to say hi to Amber and play some trivia. Maybe I’ll head over to Rob’s. Maybe I will just go home and sleep. Or, go home and watch movies. Or, go home and work . Or go to MSA and work. I don’t know. They are all just idea.

Ok, well I got to get back to work on the coding. Later.

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