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The spinning thing.

Ok, so let’s talk about spinning things for a moment while I write this post and this about life.

On top of our garage there gray thing. I am staring at it right now. I’m sure everyone at some time in their life has seen what I am talking about. They are put on external buildings. In particular, buildings that don’t have any other form of ventalation. They allow air to leave. I never really understood exactly why they were there, but if I understood, it let’s the heat out, as well as any vapors that might happen to arrise out of a garage. That’s a good thing 99% of the time. I suppose in winter though, it makes the garage cooler. Either way, day in, day out, it spins. Very rarely do I see it stopped. Either heat or the wind is pushing it. Maybe I could put a generator on it and get a few kilowatt hours out of it a day. Then again, maybe not.

Let’s move on to spinning thing number 2. Nascar was doing that whole sending the car’s around the track thing again. My drivers were doing pretty well. Let’s see. My primary driver: Jeff Gordan. Drove his way to second place. He was running in first for the longest time, but Bobby gave him a nice shove to take the lead. Very good driving on both crew’s accounts. My other driver, Gordan’s teammate, Jimmy Johnson, ended up leaving the race with 14 laps left after a late engine failure. That’s ok though. He is doing well in the points standings. Now, if we compare them to my competition, aka, my dad’s cars. I believe Marlin was a lap down in something like 15th or 16th place? Honestly, I didn’t see where he finished. My dad’s other car actually had engine failure with about 100 laps left. That would be Bill Elliot. Down with the dodges I say when it comes to NASCAR… For those of you who wonder, Dodge/Chrysler is what my family buys… Except my car, which is a Ford. Why no Chevy’s? Don’t know…

My friends seem to be spinning in and out right now. Nikki is off at Deca till Tuesday. Maria just got back from a hard trip. Don’t know how all of everything I just said relates to spinning, but I felt it needed to be mentioned. Oh yeah, my Dad managed to spin himself halfway across the world. That actually happened a few days ago, but I know I didn’t mention it. He is in China. Probably having fun buying illegal American items and selling 3M products. Who knows… Not I.

So what topic could I possibly spin to from my dad going to China? Well, it just so happens that because he is gone, each member of my family has a car to do as they please. This ment that this morning I could go to Genesis as opposed to early morning sanctuary. That was a good thing. It was good to seem Amber, Jon, Sarah, Pk, and Anders. You know, come to think about it. It was good to worship. Our new pastor needs to work on his time skills a little, and his story telling, but eh… He will get it one day.

I also kept spinning Starlight to all the local residents. Hopefully we can get our numbers up a little. If you haven’t gotten Starlight tickets yet, you can do so by following this address: http://jrcorps.com/church/ and then clicking on Registration/Volunteering. It should be the last item on the page. Do so soon, for time is surely running out.

I’m thinking about spinning The Onus back to a little success. If sim read’s this, I’ll tell him about it then, otherwise, I’ll tell him when and if I decide to do it. I had originally agreed to write some insertables to help take the place of day’s Rich was unable to do the comic. I am starting to think I would have needed a lot of those :-). Ok, but I had an idea, one that was kind originally his, that I might put into action over the next few hours. Who knows…

My last little spin of the day, I figured out why it’s all ya’ll and not just ya’ll. Let’s see if I can explain it using this example:
ya’ll crazy
Translates to:
You are all crazy
which, is equivalent to saying:
You are totally crazy
What we want to say is all of you are totally crazy. So it becomes:
All Ya’ll crazy.
Get it? Or is your mind now spinning?

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