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So I got home to find my mom trying to clear off the driveway. She was stuck on the tractor. So I went out to give her a hand and of course, moods aren’t that great on either side, so it became an even more frustrating process. It turned out however that the reason for most of her troubles was that one of the tires had gone flat. So I told her to head back in while I got the thing back in the garage. I then tried to take out the blue one, but the stupid diesal engine just didn’t like me… I probably flooded it too. Time to wait for dad I guess.

Got a new calculator today. TI-89. It’s about time I got one that can check my calculas for me. Maybe that will mean I will do more calculas homework.. Than again.. Probably not.

Talked with Amber tonight. Good chat I must say. Nikki comes back tomorrow. Woot! Maybe we’ll do something, but then again, she won’t get home till at least 7 and I bet she will be dead tired and have lots of homework. So probably not. I hope she is having a great time :-). Also had a good chat with Alex and Sim. Speaking of Sim. He published me today in The Onus. It’s time to bring that comic back to life with hits that occure more than they do on this site. So go check it out! Now ! I mean it! The Onus!

Ok, it’s BMW time of night basically. So I am going to go do that, then get some sleep. Night all. Hope we all had better days than today, except those of us that had good days today :-). Hey people, THE ONUS!

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