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Wanna do something!

And then a hero comes along. With the strength to carry on.

That’s somehow playing on my mp3 player now and for some reason I feel it deserved quoting. Ok, so today hasn’t livend up anymore than it was earlier today. Lab was great, got done like an hour early. That’s always a good thing. Not only that, but two of my TA’s commented on the product of my work. Gotta love being able to use a computer to make your answers neat and clear. So you wanna know how Justin got through most of school? Remember those math homework problems that people had to take home and you would then turn them in. Sometimes you would lose points because you forgot a step, or because the teacher couldn’t read your hand writing. Yeah, I skipped that as much as I could. It’s not that I didn’t have bad handwriting, or that I never forgot a step… It’s just, when it came to homework, mine was always typed up from stuff I did on paper. What’s that mean? I end up checking my work and going through it twice, plus the handwriting is nice. Here, let me give you an example of what my last homework looked like for math class.

There was actually color in that image, but I removed it because there was no point in wasting space to show you this. There was really no point in showing you it. Maybe it will cause you to do your homework on the computer so that it looks all nice and pretty. Then again, maybe I’m just obsessive compulsive.

I kinda want food, but I’m not really hungry. Cheereos have been all I have needed lately. They are pretty good you know.

I do have a good number of things I need to get done, of which, the coolest is my latest in computer science homework. We have to diffuse a 6 stage bomb in a none brute force kinda method. It would take to long to diffuse anyway if you tried to use brute. It’s kinda fun trying to interpret the ASM of another person’s program. On that same note, I should probably print the ASM for it. I could post that too.. but why?

Maybe I’ll go take a nap. Sleep is about how I feel right now. It’s so peaceful, so null, so calm.

I rescheduled my ortho appointment for 11:30 next Tuesday. It otherwise would have been during a midterm. Now it’s during spring break, which I can handle because I’m not going anywhere… So right now, my spring break looks like this: Monday -> MSA, Tuesday-> Ortho and ???

Ok, so not much of a spring break yet, but hey it’s coming along nicely.

I don’t want to be sitting at the computer anymore, so I am going to go away now I think… Maybe not, but this post is stopping.

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