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A night?

So the topic at church tonight was friends. Interesting subject for me. I don’t lose many. Have lot’s, many who I consider good friends. According to my buddy list:
I have 11 friends I consider close (best)
I have 176 normal friends
I have 9 people that I am out of touch with
I have 5 people I consider blocked (not on good terms with for some reason, likely, they tried to hack me)
I always liked the way that worked for determing friends. Actually, when it comes down to it, it’s relatively accurate, with the except of a few people like Cory, Mike, and anyone else who isn’t on AIM.

One other interesting note: most of my closest friends have something on this server. Whether it be a site (Alex, John, Sim, Chris), a photo album (Amber, Nikki, Maria), or an email address (Beth, Dan, etc…). There are even some of you who have email addresses and don’t know it. Most likely because I use it as a way to remember them. I’ll have to show you sometime.

I have a lot more to say tonight, but for the first time this week, I do need to be up in the morning to go to class. Good thing I got that physics done right.

Really quick notes. I have now had a New comic on The Onus each of the last 3 days. Maybe one of these days, Sim might do one. I hope to get one in tomorrow, and maybe if I have enough spare time, I will make one for Friday. Otherwise, it looks like it could be it for me this week. I hope people are enjoying my lego comics. I know I kinda am :-).

Topics for tomorrow after my Physics lab, Calc test, etc: Friendship, Money, Bombs, Csci, Girls Basketball, Sleep, Headaches, Choices, God, Onus, Derek, Amber, Nikki, Hockey, Ice Cream, Church, Lent, Starlight.

If you have registered for Starlight, DO SO NOW!

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