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1 Hour remaining

The way I see it, there is 2 hours until school is out for me. 1 hour until my last class. Why do I say this? Well, it’s the last class before spring break that has any points associated with it. IE: the rest are lectures that I could sleep through. Knowing that I have a calc midterm in less than hour now isn’t a good thing though. I should probably be reviewing all the math I have learned. Well, as long as I can remember the formula for arc length and for all the other sections, I should be fine.

I do have a lot to talk about, but again, time isn’t on my side to right down how I feel. Most of it has been written here before, so I’m not all that concerned about it not getting put up now. To make things simpler to understand, everyday, I lose a little more of that self control I maintain so dearly. The question is, how fast can I refill it, and how long will it last at its current rate. Don’t know, but metaphors sure can be confusing to some of my readers.

I wanna work on my bomb lab, but like I said, I need to study for that calc test. I’m still not doing that, even though by this point in this post, the test is now less than 30 minutes away.

—-Time Passes—-

ok I got a good amount of studying in, but now I must go take this exam, wish me luck, I might need it, but let’s hope not.

Retreats, just popped into my head… Later

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