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Well, I’m Done

So, I have now officially begun Spring Break. If I don’t go to either one of my lectures tomorrow, it will have started. However, knowing me, I will at least go to my CSCI lecture. But still, that’s not much. Oh well.

Ok, so let’s take that list of things JJ has to talk about and blurb on them for awhile because I don’t want to start defusing my bomb lab yet.

Topic 1: Physics Lab:
Went ok. My group got the right answer for once. That’s actually fairly rare. I thought it was pretty funny how our TA tried to teach more than usual because he had someone in the room watching his performance. I’m starting to wondering when I will get my homework back, probably sometime after spring break. Either way, I’m doing ok in the class, that’s what counts.

Topic 2: Calc Test:
Calc test went ok. I got an answer for 5 of the 6 problems and out of the 5 answers I gave, I liked 4 of them. So basically. Based on the point ratio, I think I will get a 70, which compared to the last test’s average, is 20 points up. We’ll see how it turns out in the long run.

Topic 3: Friendship
This could be a 10 page document if I wanted it to be. I have a lot of things to say about friendship. But really we all have different definitions. I like to think there are two things involved in all my friendships. The first one is that they are there for you when you need them. If you need a shoulder to cry on, they’re there. If you need support with something, they’re there. I think the second thing in all good friendships is the inverse as well. That you are there for them. Now, I know those sound like two very simple things to describe such a complex social interaction, but I think that’s all that ends up mattering.

Most of my friendships have a few other things as well. Things like trust, sharing, loyalty. But honestly, I believe that I have frienships that are lacking in some or all of those categories. I don’t think they are needed. This just may be the way I feel about it, but I think what actually ends up happening is that those who are my closest friends are the ones that exhibit most of the qualitys I like. Make sense? ok, before I go on for days, next topic.

Topic 4: Money
If this hasn’t made it into my site by now: Money sucks. I don’t like what it does to people at all. I don’t like how it holds people back. I don’t like how it pushes people forward. I understand it’s necessity in our society, but still. I truly believe that in America, money for things you need is always around. A job someplace, a nice man on the street, the lotery :-). Ok, so one of those sucks your money. With that in mind, I know things will always be provided for as long as I am not lazy about it. One other thing I find, it pays to get paid in things other than money. For example, at one place I work, I get paid in food. That way if I ever am hungry and I don’t have the cash, I can go eat. It’s kind of a way of locking your budget in food so that it can’t be spent on things like DDR. I do the same thing with the cell phone. It just works. Either way, for those of you who never understood why if Justin has the money he doesn’t mind paying, that’s why… I don’t think money should stop friends from having fun.

Topic 5: Bombs
This wasn’t actually a topic about real bombs. It’s about the assignment I’m supposed to be working on. It’s pretty cool, and I know I posted the code here a few days ago. Yeah, I will be working on it in a few minutes here after I am done with this insanely long post.

Topic 6: CSCI
I was going to group this with the last topic, but I decided I would rather mention it here and kinda go with it. If you didn’t know already, I’m a computer programmer. At least, I’d like to think so. CSCI has done that for me by teaching me logic, structure, and to many languages to count. Right now, I’m working on translating the logic of ASM, something I once deemed impossible. It’s amazing what a few years of schooling will and can do for you. What’s this mean for my future? Probably a calculator game if I ever get around to it. šŸ™‚

Topic 7: Girl’s Basketball
For those of you who didn’t know, Woodbury Girl’s basketball made it to playoffs. I think, now that they have cleared the quarter finals, that they are 27-0. Pretty dang good record. I used to hang out with Lacy Gram and her friends. Oh yes, memory time……

My mom says I used to have a crush on Lacy. I can see how this is possible, but I honestly don’t remember it. I do remember thinking she was pretty cool to hang out with. Let’s go down the list. We were in the same first grade class. I don’t remember to much about this but I think we must have been desk buddy’s because of how close our last names are. That whole period of time is cloudy for me. I have a few pictures from a trip to the zoo, but other than that.

My memory kicks in around 2nd grade. Lacy was again in my class, and I know I was desk buddys with her and Stephanie Fullerton (who I do remember having a crush on through 6th grade). I can remember that Lacy used to hang out with Erin and that Keith and I would chase them around at recess. Maybe this is why my mom thought I liked her? I don’t know. I didn’t even know 2nd graders had those emitions.

I think the thing that probably caused Lacy and I to be good friends was actually two fold. We were both fairly intelligent 2nd graders and I can remember Mrs. Dobson having us, and two other people *the two other people are slipping my mind* and having us go to the computer lab to do Logo with Mrs. Gram. Oh the good times with logo.

I even remember doing a play with her that I really didn’t want to do. The only thing I can remember from it was “I like you like you are” which is one of the songs we sang. Go figure.

After that, there was that whole period of where guys should be avoiding girls. I know we still talked from time to time and got along, but nothing to big. Junior High was pretty much the same way, we probably talked a little more then like in Art and Tech class. Then I left and the world never saw me again. Just kinda weird. Ok, enough about story time.

I was just going to say, congradulations to them on making it to the semi-finals and I wish them the best of luck this afternoon getting to the finals. I have no doubt that they will make it.

Topic 8: Sleep
I think my list got turned into a list of things I need to do. I like sleep. It’s warm, comforting, and peaceful. It’s almost the epidamy of love. Maybe that’s why sleeping together is such a big deal, even if you don’t have sex. It’s something I always saw as requiring trust.

Topic 9: Headaches
They suck.

Topic 10: Choices
What would happen if I made all my choices based on the flip of a coin. Wouldn’t that just completely change everything. I think it would be kind of cool. It might help me not get to attached to anything. Oh I don’t know. I did make one big decision today, and that’s that if I ever get slapped in the face, I’m doing it. Doing what? Oh I don’t know.

Topic 11: God
Our God, is an awesome God. I don’t understand how people can say he doesn’t exist. There are places on earth where you can almost feel his presence. There are times that it has to be more than just chance. I could go on for hours about this one too, but I think I’ll just let that settle in.

Topic 12: The Onus
This is just free advertising. There have been 3 straight days of comics made by me on The Onus. I suggest you check them out. BTW: I like how I managed to cause his hit counter to get above 10 consistantly as well.

Topic 13: Derek
Great guy. I wonder if he knows how much it means to me that he just listens. Or sits there. Or does so much hard work for us all. It was cool last night just sitting in his office for like 2 hours with very few words exchanged. Seemed more important to listen to the silence so that maybe we could hear God *or get work done in Derek’s case*.

Topic 14: Amber
Great friend :-). Topic 16: Hockey
Going to a hockey game tonight with Nikki and Amber and Jon? Should be fun. I guess the cops are playing the kids. It even has one of those cute little titles: check a cop. Hockey always has one of those addicting things for me, so it should be pretty good.

Topic 17: Ice Cream
If you haven’t had Cold Stone yet, I suggest you try it. They have so many good things, they can keep you coming back for more. Most of the time however, I don’t get any. This is because I have way to much food before I go there. Either way, it made the list so yes, it got posted.

Topic 18 & 19: Church and Lent *(yes they got grouped)*
Don’t know what I wanted to say here. I was there last night. I didn’t go to lent service. I never really have. I don’t know why. It’s just not something I do. Perhaps I should try it sometime. I do go to church, and if my dad isn’t back from China by this sunday, I get to go to Genesis again, which is always a good thing.

Topic 20: Starlight
Two years in a row now I will have gone to Starlight with a ‘real’ date. The joke this year is that Sim is my date, but we all know that isn’t true. I’m actually not all that worried about it. Starlight will be fun. I might even sing again and embarrass myself again. I kinda need to go shopping to get a nice outfit. There’s me waiting till the last minute again. Maybe I’ll call up my girls and go out with them before and buy a nice outfit. Then again, I could just talk Sim into doing the who matching thing and showing up looking like.. Well… I don’t want to ruin it for him if he does it by himself. šŸ™‚

Ok, I don’t know how long this post is, but I am guessing long. Amazingly long I bet. I should cut and paste it into something but I don’t have the something to do that with. Ok, well I’m off to work on my bomb, so bye bye oh precious post.

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