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Hockey Nostalgia

So I went to that hockey game with Amber and Nikki tonight. As predicted, the Woodbury Police force got schooled by the high schoolers. Go figure :-). When we left it was 10 to 2 and 1 of the two goals was on a team wide (mind you fake) penalty against woodbury where we lost all but 3 men. It was good though, and because I have been on a memory spree lately, let’s run with it.

If I got the nerve two, I scanned an image here. Yes, that’s me. What am I doing? Playing hockey. It’s a little known fact that Justin once played hockey. It’s a little known fact that he has been through some basic figure skating stuff. Hockey was fun, but I ended up on one of those teams where the game no longer seemed fun. So I quit. Something I almost wish I wouldn’t have done. Hockey was probably the one sport I could have been great at :-). Maybe not.

But yeah, I can remember getting skates sharpened. I can remember putting on all the gear. I remember the joy of the nut cup and not understanding really why I needed one *I mean, I understood I could get hit there, but who cares if it get’s hurt, it’ll heal right?* Now of course I know how vital that is to the survival of my species :-).

Ok, yeah. Not to many more memorys, but man.. did they all just come flooding back when I walked into the arena tonight. I really missed the smell of ice. The smell of cold. It was so… exhililarating.

I will see about the picture later… For now, it’s BMW time.