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The Best?

So today was good. Great. Amazing. Let’s go down to why Saturday didn’t get a post. I woke up this morning not feeling the best. I had some rough sleep the last night due to myself kicking myself over something, as well as some tummy issues. I ate my life cerceal then went to go help Amber and John with various computer problems. That was actually kind of a fun way to start the morning. I came home than wandered my front yard for awhile and made some modifications to my car. I then went and got Amber and we went shopping.

She ended up getting the brilliant idea to get me a suit. So thats what we did. We went to Gingiss and got me a suit. It took no more thought than that. The lady that Jerimiah used to have a slight thing for was working and just so Jerimiah knows *not that he needs to anymore because mainly, he has a girl :-)* she is a nice person.

I must say I look pretty snazzy in my suit. Ok, so I really like the way I look in a suit. It’s one of those few times in my life where I actually think I look somewhat good. Maybe I should just wear a suit all the time. That would be different wouldn’t it?

So I came home, took a shower, took another shower, watched some TV, took a shower :-), ok, so I didn’t quite take that many showers. I then got dressed and proceeded to Starlight.

All my good friends were there. Sim showed, Nikki, Maria, Amber, Jon. I even got to see Robbie Berg. It had been awhile. They got us to sing Wonderboy, which was great, and could have been better if I could have been singing louder. Stupid loss of voice.

We then all went to Perkins. Good times. Ran into people. That’s always fun. I would write more now, but I have to go wait up for my sister who isn’t home yet… I wonder where she is… But we know she is just getting home late from the Woodbury B-Ball game, which by the way. Woodbury has gone what now? 29-0 to take the state championship in Girls 4A? Basketball. You go girls. Ok, goodnight now.