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Breaking Over U

So this is the second time I have written this part of the post. Last time I lost it because I loaded up the church website and crashed Netscape. Pretty talented if you ask me. Ok, so what did I say last time at this point? Oh yeah… I think now that I am back from break I am going to try to use my brain to come up with some witty titles for my entries. Ones with double meanings that explain what’s going on yet confuses the reader more than needed. It might be kind of fun and might help with some language problems I have been having lately.

So, as today’s title implies, my spring break is over and I am back at the university. 2 of my first 3 classes are already over for the day and are not worth mentioning. There’s a walk out for peace today at noon here on campus. I won’t be walking out of any classes seeing as I am not in one, and I will be doing all I can to avoid the rally on the Northrop Mall. I agree that peace is good. I agree that war is bad. However, I agree that war is sometimes needed. It get’s into one of those questions do you want to help the helpless or hope that they are capable of helping themselves sooner or later. I don’t know. I trust my leaders. I trust that it’s in God’s hands. That’s hopefully the last time I mention the war in this site, but if not… oh well.

Ok, so should I talk about spring break? I mean, I haven’t posted for like what now… 7 days… That’s basically a record since I reopened the site back in June. Crazy. Ok, so I don’t want to talk about spring break as a bunch of individual events. I want to talk about it as a whole. It’s amazing how strikingly similiar my most recent of breaks have been. Let’s recap them in some strage way.

Spring Break 03 – Was Spent working at MSA, sleeping, and walking around places. Basically a lot of thinking and recapping, even though it started off with such a great peace of mind… I wish I could find that peace of mind back.

Sprink Break 02 – Was Spent working at MSA, sleeping, and hanging out with John. The kicker here, it was the last time I did something I Julie’s house. OH MY, and now it all makes sense. Yesterday I wandered around thinking It’s March 23rd, March 23rd, March 23rd… What the heck is March 23rd… It all made sense when I went and looked back… Happy Birthday Julie.

Spring Break 01 – Was spent in Texas and Mexico with my family. For those of you who knew me then, this was also the infamous ‘Spring Break Test’. It involved an Email, time, and lots of weird messed up things in my head. I thought about calling this spring break the ‘Spring Break Test’ but it made not sense seeing as it wasn’t the same kind of test. Again… Maybe it should have been.

Spring Break 00 – I honestly don’t know. This was before I could drive so… I couldn’t have been going anywhere without someone older to go with. Odds are it was spent in one of three places… Flordia… I don’t remember ever going there during spring break except for the first time, but maybe I am wrong… We could have gone then. Nebraska, it’s our default vacation spot. North Dakota – Our second default vacation spot. Hmm… Don’t really know. But I won’t go back any further than this because it starts to become unrelavent.

My oh my.

I just finished a prelab quiz for physics tomorrow. That puts me ahead of the game there. Always a good thing. I don’t know if anything is going on tonight or this afternoon. I might just go wander like I did yesterday. Who knows. Either way, I should be back to post sometime after lecture. Later, and for those of you who are just starting spring break. Enjoy it!

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