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A Defused Situation

So I spent much of my afternoon after lab doing things like driving and wandering, but at some point I found myself at Best Buy wishing Jon a happy birthday. I will do it again here: Happy Birthday Jon. I also ran into Amber. I hope the two of them are finding a way to make Jon‘s birthday memoriable :-).

I then tryed to help put Nikki‘s stereo in her car. This ultimately lead to my hand bleeding and me giving up. If anyone knows of step by step instructions for getting the dashboard off of a Chevy Cavalier, can you give me an email?

Now I am home, about to go watch BMW, but before I go do that, I should mention that I finished defusing phase 5 of the bomb. That’s all I really NEEd to do for credit, but I’ll shoot for some of the extra credit as well. Either way, night night diary.

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