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One Hour Photo

So tonight was again movie night at my house. This time with just Jon and Amber. That’s cool though, we had a good time and actually got two movies in. The first movie was Shallow Hal, which I probably have a post about sometime last summer. The first time I watched it was with Nikki and Sim and I can’t help but remember some of the bad jokes we made during the movie. Oh but it’s so simple….

One hour photo was pretty good to. Not to scary. Not to confusing, but good. We are still working on the blood thing, but… eh… Not important. Speaking of photos….

The process of converting one’s old photo albums into an online gallary takes time. I started today with some pictures from first and second grade. I hope to get some more here shortly. It’s a lot of work, but I think if I do it right, I could have thousands of pictures very shortly. Maybe I will start doing one a day… Who knows. I’m thinking about adding another feature to this site so I will just write it here and debate about coding it in later… An email this page to a friend button. Nothing to complicated, but if there is a post you want someone to read, or if there is an image you want them to see, it might be kind of cool. I am also thinking about moving the profiles into Day posts and then replacing that section with something else. I’m not sure what, and I’m not sure I will.. It’s just an idea…

Well, it’s getting kind of late, so I am off to bed. Night.

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