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Good Morning Sunshine

I woke up this morning and couldn’t exactly explain how I felt. My body was telling me Justin, your not tired. Your not tired at all. My mind was telling me, Justin sleep. You need to sleep. Eventually my body won out and I got out of bed. Surprisingly, it was only 9am. That’s rare for me. Normally I sleep till noon on Saturdays. Especially when I had movie night the night before.

I just spent the last hour then uploading 10 more pictures from 1992. These are Easter pics, technically, my cousin’s first Easter. It’s pretty cool either way. Easter is afterall coming up here shortly.

I don’t know what I am going to do today. It is rather sunny out, and if it warms up a little, I might go rollerblading again. Me and my new roller blades :-). I might call some people and see if they want to go to the mall or some park or church or something. I have to do some work around the house first, like take a shower, pick up my room, and wash some clothes. Nothing to bad, but that’s normally the stuff I do on friday so it’s a little weird for me. I suppose that stupid lab report I wrote yesterday is what held me back.

I will probably upload more pictures again later today, and probably tomorrow as well. For some reason, I have this need to get my family photo album’s online and into the site. I don’t know why, I just do.

My email is acting up as well, which is just great considering I just switched. I find that highly annoying, but I think I can work the bug out of it and perhaps just switch to a different mail client. Who knows.

Well, I’m off to begin the day.

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