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A Defused situation

Well, my sister didn’t need a ride home today, but she isn’t around the house. That leaves me to wonder where she is, but I’m sure she will show up sometime soon along with the rest of the family that isn’t home.

It’s a fairly nice day out. I was actually quite impressed. Let’s go through my day so far and basically sum it up for everyone.

I got to the U on time and without issue and went to lecture. I’m really loving what their teaching me in computer science. Some of the stuff is stuff I remember trying to tackle when I was younger, some of it stuff I would never even had come up with unless someone showed me… It truly is amazing… Like for example: did you know you can build a pentium chip out of nothing but 1 step of ‘AND’ gates and 1 step of Or Gates. I guess this is known as the sum-product method. What’s interesting about it is that it can actually be faster than any pentium chip out there now… The downside is, it would also be the hottest, and quite possibly the largest, which might inadvertently slow it down… Ok, so the people at intel know what their doing. Remember that.

It is still cool though. I am thinking about picking up some chips and the stuff you use to write to them to build my own circuits. I think that would be pretty cool and fun to do. I may now just have to triple major with EE, or maybe I’ll stick with the plan to double, but double in EE instead of Biz… who knows.

After class, I went to the computer lab to wait for John to give him a ride home. He never showed, but that’s ok, I could have left anytime I wanted to. In reality, I was in the computer lab 2 hours longer than when I would have left when John got there. I found myself having to much fun with that bomb again, this time doing the secret phase, and then playing around a little more. I got it, which is good, that means 3 ec for me *woot*. I wonder what I got on that other ec quiz.. Oh well. I should end up with a good grade.

I’m debating my plans for tonight. No one is home yet, so I could go find food out somewhere that makes it. I could get a group and go do karoke at St. Pepper’s like Nikki was talking about last week. Then again, I’m not really in the mood to sing. I could make dinner now. I could do some homework. Homework is what I probably will do. I kind of want to enjoy the thrill of calculas again. I’ve completely forgotten how, but I know at some point, I thought it was cool to be able to integrate. I think as long as I am learning stuff I want to learn, everything goes over well.

Well, I still dont know what I’m doing, but I’m going to go anyway. so later post thingy.

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