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So last night the server went down, around 10 o’clock. I thought it was for minor repairs but I guess they made a mistake somewhere and they lost the mysql server databases. They are looking to see what their most recent backup is but it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting the data back. So what’s this mean to me? I basically just lost 450 posts worth of a site. That’s enough to make me want to quit. Maybe I will… I mean, what’s the point. I enjoyed last week where I didn’t have to worry about it. Ok… So that’s it… The site is now officially closed due to the stupidity of a server problem last night. If you want to stay in touch with me, feel free to join me in my new endevor to conqueror the web at: http://www.kingsofchaos.com/page.php?id=512930.

It’s been fun, and real, but now it’s back to life.

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